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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Stress Management
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service provided to employees to cope with work-related or personal problems including psychological, emotional, social, family, health, substance abuse and other problems. 
  • at early intervention: providing assessment, diagnosis, treatment or referral to other appropriate resources;
  • prevention: to equip employees with better stress coping skills.
This optional program is to enhance Outpatient HealthCare plans.

Key Features

    1. Comprehensive training program tailored made to different level of needs & scopes.

    The service comprises 3 levels as below:

    a. Primary level : Individual based

    b. Secondary level : Group based

    c. Tertiary level : System based

    2. Support by well-qualified professional psychologist.


Program Details
Primary level : Individual based

a. Face to face counseling or consultation service, Personality assessment

b. To serve post-event coping and relieving purposes for enhancing employees to resolve their problems and resume both their social and work competence

c. The aspects of personal consultation service include the following:

  • stress management, career, marriage, family, emotional, psychological, substance abuse, etc.

Secondary level : Group based

  1. Courses, seminars, training workshops, camping;
  2. To serve preventive purposes for equipping employees better coping skills through different individual & group activities and dynamic interaction with others;
  3. Training topics can be as follows:

    • Team building, stress management, creative thinking, personnel management by Enneagram, communication, crisis management;

Tertiary level : System based

  1. Recommendation on organization system or policy;
  2. To improve both physical and psychological working environment and atmosphere for employees.


  • Improve morale and working atmosphere;
  • Improve productivity;
  • Reduce absenteeism;
  • Lower turnover;
  • Build and maintain better relationships with employees;
  • Build a better corporate image.
  • For further information, please contact

    Ms. Jennifer Lee

    Phone: (852) 2710 8105

    Fax: (852) 2710 8289


Consulting Psychologist:

Dr. Chan Chi Chuen, consulting psychologist (資深心理學家)

member, Division 12: Society of Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association

Other Psychological Programs:

  1. Health Talk: Stress Management
  2. Working Staff, performance related assessment:

The assessment is provided by family doctor to detect physical health problem +/- consulting psychologist's assessment to detect psychological problem.