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A. 基本 驗身計劃 (Basic Checkup Scheme) UCMG 1


檢查項目: 目的:
1. Physical Examination  個人健康狀況作評估 For understanding basic vital signs : Blood Pressure and pulse, and health history for evaluation 檢查生命體徵, 量度血壓, 脈搏, 個人健康狀況作評估
2. 血常規 Complete Blood Picture (CBP) For understanding general physical condition, anemia, thalassaemia, platelets 測試身體整體狀況, 有否缺鐵性貧血, 地中海貧血, 血小板情況,白血球情況
3. 總膽固醇 Total Cholesterol For Coronary Artery and Cardiac Risk Evaluation 冠心病及心臟病發率評估
4. 血糖 Glucose For understanding any possibility of Diabetic Mellitus 有否糖尿病傾向
5. 肝功能測試 Live Function Test - 谷丙轉氨酶SGPT For analysis of liver condition and any active liver deficiency 肝功能測試
6. 腎功能測試 Renal Function Test - 尿素 Urea For analysis of renal condition and any active renal deficiency 腎功能測試
7. 尿液檢驗 Urine Examination For detecting urine protein and Glucose


B. 婦女檢查 (Lady Checkup Package) UG3


Including 內容包括:  
身體檢查 Physical Examination 婦科及產科病歷 Clinical History
血壓及脈搏 Blood Pressure and Pulse 乳房及盤腔檢查 Breast & PV examination
柏氏子宮頸枺片檢查 Pap Smear 念珠菌及滴蟲培養 Trichomonas and Monilia Culture


C. 癌標組別普查 (Tumor Marker Groups)

經血液樣本進行廣泛癌腫瘤測試 screening test for different cancers by blood test
1. Digestive System 消化系統
    i. CEA癌胚抗原; ii. CA19.9癌抗原19.9 (胰臟); iii. CA72.4癌抗原72.4
2. Liver and Pancreas /胰臟
    i. Alpha Feto-Protein (AFP) 甲種胚胎蛋白; ii. CEA癌胚抗原; iii. CA19.9癌抗原19.9 (胰臟)
3. Breast 乳房
    i. CEA癌胚抗原; ii. CA15.3; 癌抗原15.3 (乳房)
4. Nasopharynx 鼻咽
    i. EBV antibodies 鼻咽癌病毒抗體
5. Lung
    i. CEA癌胚抗原; ii. SCC鱗狀細胞癌抗原
6. Male Reproductive System 男性生殖系統
  1. Beta HCG (Quantitative) 絨毛膜性腺激素(定量);

  2. PAP(前列腺)酸性磷酸J

  3. PSA前列腺癌抗 原

7. Female Reproductive System 女性生殖系統
  1. SCC鱗狀細胞癌抗原;

  2. CA125癌抗原 125 (卵巢);

  3. Beta HCG (Quantitative) 絨毛膜性腺激素(定量)


8. Whole Cancer Markers 全套癌症檢查
 i. CEA(腸癌,肺癌), ii. AFP(肝癌), iii. CA125(卵巢癌), iv. CA15.3(乳房), v. CA19.9(胰臟癌)         vi. PSA(前列腺癌), vii. SCC(鱗狀細胞癌), viii. BetaHCG(絨毛膜性腺癌), ix. EBV(鼻咽癌)


D. 附加檢查項目 Optional examination, additional to Basic Checkup Scheme
1. ABO group + Rh-D 血型及Rh因子
2. T4 甲狀腺素  For detecting Thyroid function 甲狀腺功能測試
3. Uric Acid 尿酸  For detecting trend of Gout 有否痛風
4. Stool for Occult Blood 大便隱血  For detecting trend of Colon cancer and Colon hidden problems大腸癌及潛在問題
5. Stool Routine大便常現檢查  For detecting parasites and ovas in Colon有否生蟲
6. Triglyceride 三酸甘油脂  For Coronary Artery and Cardiac Risk Evaluation冠心病及心臟病發評估
7. Triglyceride 三酸甘油脂 + HDL cholesterol高密度膽固醇 + LDL cholesterol低密度膽固醇
8. Hepatitis A pre-vaccination 甲型肝炎防疫檢查
   - Hepatitis A virus antibody (HAV-Ab)甲型肝炎抗體
For detecting the need for immunization of Hepatitis A審查對注射甲形肝炎疫苗的需要
9. Hepatitis B pre-vaccination 乙型肝炎防疫檢查

    - Hepatitis Bs antigen, antibody (HbsAg, HbsAb) 乙型肝炎抗原及抗體

 For detecting whether be infected by Hepatitis B ( acute or being carrier) and the need for immunization of Hepatitis B                                                                 審查有否感染急性乙型肝炎或乙型肝炎帶菌者及診斷對注射乙形肝炎疫苗的需要
10. Chest X-ray X光肺片  For detecting Pulmonary and Chest conditions 胸肺情況
11. Resting ECG 心電圖   For detecting Cardia conducting system 檢查心房,心室及心臟傳導功應